Web of Law Enforcement

See the roles of the nation’s close to 18,000 different federal, state and local law agencies come to life in this multimedia exhibit. Discover how law enforcement works, what officers do, and why their jobs are important. With the push of a button, visitors can view one of three segments describing a specific event from the perspectives of law enforcement officers, victims, and bystanders. Real-life scenarios, such as the response from law enforcement to the 9/11 terror attacks, help tell the stories of real officers who relied on training, instinct, and courage to protect citizens.

This exhibit also includes the Web of Law Enforcement, a large multi-touch screen experience which illustrates how the complex web of law enforcement agencies across the country must work together to solve crimes. Visitors can swipe through the steps in each crime to reveal a story. Each step highlights the agencies involved in the criminal investigation. Through a series of bubbles, visitors can see how crimes are connected and the agencies investigating them are connected.