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May 11, 2018 | Authored by

Join the Museum’s Education team for a variety of virtual workshops broadcast from Washington, DC, to your classroom or home. Through our partnerships with FieldTripZoom and Streamable Learning, students can log into interactive lessons led by Museum staff on a variety of topics.

Virtual workshops include live demonstrations, close-ups with museum artifacts, a live chat feature, interactive polling, and more. All virtual workshops last approximately 45 minutes. Here are some upcoming virtual workshops:
• Fingerprints & Impressions (Streamable Learning) May 18 10:10am and 12:10pm
• Changes in Technology (FieldTripZoom) May 21 11:10am
• Fingerprints & Impressions (FieldTripZoom) May 21 1:10pm
Teachers may sign up their classrooms through a teacher subscription. Parents may sign up their child with an individual subscription. For more information, contact our Museum Education team at 202-737-7982 or

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