Exhibit Spotlight: The Web of Law Enforcement

May 24, 2019 | Authored by

Did you know there are more than 900,000 law enforcement officers and 18,000 law enforcement agencies across the country? These agencies often work together to investigate and solve crimes ranging from determining who left a stolen meerkat outside a convenience store to who’s responsible for a grisly murder. The Museum’s interactive and informative Web of Law Enforcement lets visitors discover just how the various law enforcement agencies are connected. Visitors select a case to explore from among many floating bubbles on the screen. By tapping on the bubble, visitors can learn the significant details about the case, its investigation, and conclusion. They can also see which law enforcement jurisdictions were involved in the case, ranging from local police departments to federal law enforcement agencies such as the FBI. Want to learn more? There’s a case to explore from every state! The Web of Law Enforcement, generously sponsored by AT & T, is just one of the many interactive and immersive exhibits in your Museum admission. Plan your visit to see the Web of Law Enforcement and our other exciting exhibits now. For tickets, click here.

Category: Exhibits and Installations

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