Marcia Ferranto
Chief Executive Officer
Troy Anderson
Executive Director, National Law Enforcement Initiatives
Thomas Canavan
Executive Director, National Law Enforcement Museum, Resident COVID-19 Compliance Manager
Margaret Mullins
Senior Director of Events Management
Mary Petto
Acting Chief Development Officer


Lily-Kathryn Ames
Emily Koller-Apelskog
Program Administrator
Rob Ballou
Finance and Human Resource Manager
Brandon Beasley
Memorial Maintenance Officer
Malinda Cofield
Assistant Manager of Visitor Services
Suzanne Farris
E. Suzanne Farris
Chief of Staff
Charles Fulcher
Director of Museum Programs
Joe Gallerano
Director of Facilities Management
Debi Gillette
Manager of Donor Advising
Gabe Gunabe
Director of Visitor Services and Retail Operations
Carolie Heyliger
Senior Research Manager
Krista Humphrey
Director of Direct Marketing
Charles Humphrey
Simulator Instructor
Sally Hutchins
Director of Web Projects and Services
Paul Kozich
Simulator Instructor
Kaitlin Mays
Development Associate
Earl M. McKigney
Simulator Instructor
Christopher Mitchell
Digital Resource Specialist
Anna Muckenfuss
Programs Specialist
Renee Phillips
Retail Operations Manager
Cierra Porras
Visitor Services Lead
James Prentice
Simulator Instructor
Mike Rivera
Facilities Technician
Hannah Shulla
Federal Grants Manager
Alita Thomas
Law Enforcement Relations Director
Lauren Sydney
Deputy Director and Director of Collections Management
Vanissa Varnado
Research Manager