Programs Committee

Welcome to Our Future

The National Law Enforcement Museum (NLEM) is relaunching a committee dedicated to expanding our programs and exhibitions that will provide our visitors with new and engaging experiences within the world of law enforcement and the communities they serve.


What We’re Going to Do

The Programs Committee has been active since December of 2019 and as a result of our work, the COVID-19 pandemic, and recent unrest throughout our country, we have determined that our best path forward is to focus our work on officer safety and wellness initiatives. We believe that through our work we can provide a platform for officers to communicate their needs to improve conditions in their communities and what they need to feel secure in doing so. We will listen to law enforcement officers’ recommendations for topics within the categories of safety and wellness and the museum team will work in collaboration with them to identify the right type of program to achieve the intended outcome.

Considering the current needs of local and national educators, we also believe that we should expand our focus to include the creation and optimization of digital resources for K-12 educators in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The National Law Enforcement Museum strives to be the leading educational resource for Law Enforcement History and civics and we believe we have the platform to achieve this. We welcome suggestions from educators, parents, students, and their communities for educational content topics, formats, and the like for the museum team to create in collaboration with Law Enforcement experts to achieve the intended outcome.

Who Can Participate

We hope to continue including a wide range of participants in our discussions and encourage anyone interested to reach out and learn more about how to get involved. 


How to Participate

We began our committee by meeting monthly however given the complications of the pandemic and the increased strain on law enforcement officers we have postponed our meetings until September 29, 2020.  In early September we will reevaluate whether the anticipated meeting can occur. If this meeting takes place in person it will be reserved for current committee members to keep the number of people to the limit of group gatherings, but we will allow any member of the public to join by phone.

Include Your Voice

Everyone is invited to participate by submitting their ideas and concerns in the Programs form below. Those comments will be added to the minutes for the session that best aligns with their comment. On this site we will include session schedule, minutes and any supplemental material. Finally, when the 2020 sessions conclude, museum staff will deliver a presentation open to the public on the committee’s contributions to our future.


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Programs Committee

Hall of Remembrance

Committee Members

Capt. Sonia Pruitt – Programs Committee Co-Chair
Memorial Fund Board of Directors
Chairperson, National Black Police Association
Director of Community Engagement Division, Montgomery County PD

Harry Phillips and Tim Quinn
Executive Director and CFO, Police Unity Tour

Gary LaFree
Criminology and Criminal Justice, University of Maryland College Park

John Firman
Criminal Justice, American University

Tiffany Loftin
Director of Youth and College Division, NAACP

Thomasin Franken
Manager of Partner Engagement, DCPS

Sgt. Dan Helton
Community Engagement Division, Montgomery County PD

1st Sgt. Ed Petke
Prince William County PD

Thomas Canavan – Programs Committee Co-Chair
Executive Director of Programs and Exhibitions

Scott Habes
Chief Curator

Paul Larson
Senior Director of Operations and Security

Lauren Sydney
Director of Collections

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