Programs Committee

Welcome to Our Future

The National Law Enforcement Museum has launched a committee dedicated to expanding our programs and exhibitions to provide our visitors with new and engaging experiences within the world of law enforcement and the communities they serve. Anyone with an interest in law enforcement and the Museum’s impact in the community as well as our success are invited to attend and participate in our meetings.


What We Do

The Programs Committee will convene six sessions in 2020, not including a post session where the Museum’s staff will present the results of our sessions to the public. The committee’s meetings are designed to address a different topic area essential to the Museum. Each meeting will include a review from the previous meeting, a staff-led presentation on the topic area including what we’ve achieved to-date and our current capabilities, small group workshops, and reporting of the workshop results. The committee will contribute to all program areas within the Museum that will impact the visitor’s experience from lectures to school group experiences, simulator training, traveling exhibitions and what to collect and exhibit.

What We Will Achieve

We anticipate that through this process will receive ideas and feedback from all corners of the world enabling us to create experiences that will provide more awareness for law enforcement culture and continue to build better relationships between officers and their communities improving public safety for all.


How We Do It

As a museum that represents law enforcement officers across the country, we understand the importance of diverse perspectives and opinions on the role law enforcement has had within our society and will have in the future and it is our duty to represent those perspectives through thoughtful and balanced programming. In order to fully achieve this result, we are taking several steps that will increase participation from stakeholders near and far.

First, we have formed a committee made up of law enforcement professionals, community members and museum board and staff who are all committed to the full year of participation. Secondly, the invitation to participate is open to the public. Finally, we have created this section of the website as a resource for those who cannot be here physically, but would like to have their voice heard in this process.

Include Your Voice

Everyone is invited to participate by submitting their ideas and concerns in the Programs form below. Those comments will be added to the minutes for the session that best aligns with their comment. On this site we will include session schedule, minutes and any supplemental material. Finally, when the 2020 sessions conclude, museum staff will deliver a presentation open to the public on the committee’s contributions to our future.


Programs Committee

Hall of Remembrance
Session Schedule

All meetings will take place at the National Law Enforcement Museum.

February 11
Panels, Lectures, Discussions
Presentation | Notes and Ideas

March 31 (Canceled)
Workshops, Simulator, Tours

April 28 (Closed to the public)
Virtual Programs and Reopening

June 30

July 28

September 29
Police Week, Events and Conferences

November 17

Final Presentation, Public Comments and Reception

Committee Members

Capt. Sonia Pruitt – Programs Committee Co-Chair
Memorial Fund Board of Directors
Chairperson, National Black Police Association
Director of Community Engagement Division, Montgomery County PD

Harry Phillips
Executive Director, Police Unity Tour

Mahogany Eller
Public Safety Strategic Relations, Target

Gary LaFree
Criminology and Criminal Justice, University of Maryland College Park

John Firman
Criminal Justice, American University

Tiffany Loftin
Director of Youth and College Division, NAACP

Thomasin Franken
Manager of Partner Engagement, DCPS

Sgt. Dan Helton
Community Engagement Division, Montgomery County PD

1st Sgt. Ed Petke
Prince William County PD

Thomas Canavan – Programs Committee Co-Chair
Executive Director of Programs and Exhibitions

Scott Habes
Chief Curator

Paul Larson
Senior Director of Operations and Security

Lauren Sydney
Director of Collections

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