The National Law Enforcement Museum’s exhibits let visitors explore many facets of law enforcement, from historical events to modern techniques to cutting-edge technology.

Explore more than 300 years of American law enforcement history, from the first officers in colonial times through to the 21st century. Try your hand at handling 911 calls or gather evidence to investigate a crime. Learn what it means to be a modern American law enforcement officer through their own stories.

To Serve and Protect

Hall of Remembrance

A solemn space to pay respects to law enforcement officers who died in the line of duty. Learn about their stories, view memorial objects left during National Police Week, and read about the history and founding of the National Law Enforcement Memorial.

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Travel through time in this exhibit which showcases historical artifacts from the Museum’s collections. Learn about law enforcement officers across all eras of American history, including colonial days, the Wild West, the Prohibition Era, the Civil Rights movement, and into the modern day.


Six iconic objects from the Museum’s collection are paired with multimedia presentations to dive deep into important stories in law enforcement history.


Hear first-hand accounts of what life is like on the job. From the ordinary to the extraordinary, these brief, true stories capture memorable moments that give insight into the individual officers and the work of law enforcement.

DIAL 911

Take on the vital role of a 9-1-1 Emergency Operator in this interactive exhibit by answering calls, assessing the situation, and dispatching officers. Listen to recordings of real 9-1-1 calls.


This exhibit explores all the gear and equipment an officer may need to use on the job. Learn how officers use their equipment and how those tools have changed over time.

Take the Case

This hands-on exhibit allows the visitor to simultaneously play the roles of forensic scientist and detective as they collect evidence, examine clues, and learn about what it takes to build a case using modern investigation techniques.

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This exhibit explores all the different jobs law enforcement officers do to keep our communities safe. Learn about specialized law enforcement roles including SWAT, corrections, bomb squad, covert ops, and K9.

Reel to Real

Law Enforcement in Pop Culture
Reminisce as you browse mementos of law enforcement in pop culture – including toys, props, and memorabilia from some of the most iconic cop shows and movies over the years.

A Cop and an Actor Walk into a Bar
How well do TV shows and films portray the real work of law enforcement? Watch as actor Vincent D’Onofrio and Boston (MA) Police Commissioner (ret.) William Gross discuss some of the iconic moments for law enforcement on the screen.