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March 25, 2021 | 2:00-4:00pm

The Female Force: Empowering Women in Law Enforcement

Despite efforts to increase representation, the percentage of women in law enforcement has remained stagnant for the past few decades. Women constitute less than 13% of total officers and a much smaller proportion of leadership positions despite comprising over half of the total US population. This discussion will focus on why we need to increase women in law enforcement. How do women contribute in ways that differ from their male colleagues? What strengths do women bring to the field and how do they impact the safety of officers and the communities they serve? There is limited empirical research on how to increase the number of women in policing, retain and promote them and for understanding their unique challenges. Join us for a discussion that will continue to build from the stories and insights shared during our Breaking the Blue Ceiling program in December of 2020.

These questions and more will be answered by our panelists in a two-part live virtual discussion focusing on the varied perspectives within law enforcement and the community.


April 22 | 2:00pm

Officer Safety and Wellness in Indian Country

Officer Safety and Wellness in Indian Country will be an interactive panel discussion with tribal policing leaders from across the nation. This panel will focus on the unique officer safety challenges faced by tribal policing agencies. Panelists will address the issues of implementing innovative officer safety and wellness programs in Indian Country and provide potential solutions to enhance officer safety and wellness programs in tribal and rural law enforcement agencies.


  • Virgil Pinto, Chief Enforcement Ranger, Hopi Resource Enforcement
  • William Latchford, Executive Director of Public Safety, Seminole Police Department
  • Elton Begay, Chief of Police, Tohono O’odham Department of Public Safety
  • Robert Bryant, Chief of Police, Penobscot Nation Police Department
  • Ronald Silversmith, Captain, Navajo Police Department | Central Area Command
  • Martin Page, Captain, Navajo Police Department, Central Area Command