Officer Traffic Safety: 2020 Increase in Line of Duty Deaths

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Learn what’s behind the increased officer traffic-related fatalities and what Texas is doing to improve law enforcement safety.

The National Law Enforcement Memorial and Museum, in conjunction with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), hosted a webinar to discuss the latest statistics and analysis of fatal law enforcement line of duty deaths, specifically those related to traffic.

This webinar featured Katie Alexander, a traffic safety and law enforcement expert from the state of Texas, which has seen the highest number of law enforcement line of duty deaths. Katie briefed the participants on what is happening in the state of Texas and what approaches have been successful in enforcement and increasing officer safety.


Katie Alexander, Law Enforcement Liaison, Texas Municipal Police Association and Master Peace Officer, Oak Ridge North (TX) PD
Nick Breul, Senior Project Manager on Safety and Wellness, National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund
Wil Price, Highway Safety Specialist, NHTSA


Katie Alexander
Law Enforcement Liaison, Texas Municipal Police Association
Master Peace Officer, Oak Ridge North (TX) PD

Ms. Alexander is a Law Enforcement Liaison (LEL) with the Texas Municipal Police Association.  Prior to joining the LEL team, she taught Advanced Child Abuse Investigation and Sexual Assault Family Violence Investigation courses to law enforcement officers across Texas. Ms. Alexander is a Master Peace Officer, currently commissioned with the Oak Ridge North (TX) Police Department.  In addition to 17 years of law enforcement experience, she has a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Sam Houston State University, a Master’s Degree in Psychology from Our Lady of the Lake University and she is currently pursuing her PhD in Psychology at Grand Canyon University.

Nick Breul
Senior Project Manager on Safety and Wellness
National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund

Mr. Breul is currently a Senior Project Manager at the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (NLEOMF), and is the former Director of the NLEOMF Officer Safety, Wellness and Research Division, where his team did in-depth analysis of line of duty deaths, especially traffic-related causes.  Before joining the NLEOMF, Mr. Breul was the Director of Security for the Washington National Cathedral for two years.  Prior to that, he served on the Metropolitan (DC) Police Department (MPD) for 26 years. Mr. Breul worked in many capacities during his career on the police department, serving as Detective, Patrol Sergeant, Homicide Supervisor, and ultimately as Lieutenant, managing the department’s Traffic Safety Branch.  There he oversaw the Major Crash Investigative Unit, as well as all of the traffic focused enforcement and public safety education initiatives. He still serves as the Departmental Historian for the MPD. Mr. Breul received a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from Hobart College.

Wil Price
Highway Safety Specialist

In this position since 2006, Mr. Price works closely with national law enforcement professional organizations and oversees the national Law Enforcement Liaison Program. After retiring from the Tempe (AZ) Police Department, he became a passionate advocate for traffic safety, with an emphasis in preventing officer injuries and deaths in traffic-related incidents. He is committed to the idea that public service is the highest calling and understands that the loss of law enforcement officers has wide-reaching and permanent impact on communities across the country.

Prior to joining NHTSA, Mr. Price served as the Chief of Security Operations for the Harvard University Art Museums System, where he was responsible for protecting the largest art collection owned by any educational institution. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business and Management from the University of Phoenix.

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