Roadside Crashes: a Constant Danger

Roadside Crashes: a constant danger

Roadside Crashes: a Constant Danger webinar will focus on first responders struck and killed by vehicles and will delve into the many circumstances that contribute to these deaths and injuries.

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Wil Price

Wil Price

Wil Price, Enforcement and Justice Service Division, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Overall Picture and National Data:

Nicholas Breul

Nicholas Breul

Nick Breul, Senior Project Manager, National Law Enforcement Memorial and Museum
Nick will present on current year-to-date numbers and an analysis of Line-of-Duty “Struck-by” crashes and the circumstances involved in many of these crashes.

Guest Presenter:

Jack Sullivan

Jack Sullivan

Jack Sullivan, Traffic Safety Expert, Responder Safety Institute

Jack will present on crash data involving all first responders (Fire and EMT), as well as towing and recovery personnel, new studies of emergency lighting, and updates to the Traffic Incident Management (TIM) guidelines and recommendations.

This webinar will last about an hour, with a short Q&A session at the end.

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