Adult Programs


Adult Tours

Talk With a Curator

Talk with a Curator

Join a member of our curatorial staff for this intimate quarterly tour. (60 min.)

Walking the Beat

Walking the Beat

Join a Museum educator for this exploration into the job of a patrol officer throughout history from the earliest night watchmen in the American colonies to community officers today. (60 min.)

Just the Facts Highlights

Just the Facts

Join a Museum educator for a quick introduction to many of the Museum's most interesting objects. (60 min.)


Once a year, the Museum invites a distinguished leader in American law enforcement to discuss her or his career, the changes they have made, and their insights on the future.

Here is a video from our discussion with Charles Ramsey, former commissioner of the Philadelphia (PA) Police Department and co-chair of the President’s Task Force on 21st Century. In this clip he talks about the important message he learned from Officer Paris Patton during Ramsey’s tenure in the Chicago (IL) Police Department.

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