Heroes Forever Honored

A place to honor officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice

A place of honor, the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial features the names of the Official Line-of-Duty Fallen Heroes who have made the ultimate sacrifice. Here, you may search for those who have been so honored – those whose names are engraved on the Memorial wall to be remembered and revered forever.

Since 1786, over 23,000 law enforcement officers have died in the line of duty. The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial ensures that those who gave their lives to protect and serve their communities are remembered for generations to come, while providing a place where survivors can spend a quiet moment paying tribute to their loved ones.

Memorial Fallen Officer Search

NAME (Best results: first and last name)

DEPARTMENT (Examples: Perry County, Arkansas, S.O., Alaska State Troopers, Greenville, Mississippi, P.D.)

CAUSE (Gunfire, COVID-19, Traffic-related, Physical-related incident, 9/11-related incident)

END OF WATCH DATE (Examples: 9/25/2022 or year 2022, 1919, 1898, etc.)

STATE (spell out – Alabama, Mississippi, etc.)

Combination of search terms

Search: last name, cause, year of death

Example: Smith Gunfire 2020 returns this search result: 
RANDALL VERSIE SMITH Birmingham, Alabama, P.D. Gunfire 12/28/2020