The Witness series brings together the men and women of  Law Enforcement who were instrumental in landmark events in American history. For information about upcoming programs please visit the Museums Events pages.

The National Law Enforcement Museum hosted a panel discussion on the rescue and recovery of the tragic Air Florida Flight 90. The Boeing 737 was doomed from the start. A combination of inexperienced piloting and blizzard-like conditions caused the aircraft to strike the nearby 14th Street Bridge and then crash into the icy Potomac River. Four motorists from the bridge and 73 of the 79 people aboard the aircraft were killed. Flight attendant Kelly Duncan, and passengers Bert Hamilton, Joe Stiley, Nikki Felch, and Priscilla Tirado were able to escape the wreckage. Arland Williams Jr. survived the crash but was trapped by plane wreckage. The panel included retired Metropolitan (DC) Police Department homicide detective Eric Witzig, former US Park Police helicopter pilot Don Usher, and news videographer Chester Panzer. Witzig explained, “Everyone was found. You can imagine how hard it was for the divers to find people, but everyone was found.”

This program was generously sponsored by Target